Universal Truths About Cooking

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Does the thought of change, in any form, depress you or excite you? Are you the type of personality to embrace change whenever the opportunity to do so presents itself? Or is your preference to coast in a comfortable situation without any type of disruption?

I recently read Dr. Spencer Johnson’s 1998 motivational classic, Who Moved My Cheese, a little book with a powerful message about embracing the concept of change.

Seniors in high school, in college, and adult learners can benefit enormously from reading this insightful ode to change, particularly those who are about to embark on their next stage of life, be it college, work, or “I don’t know yet.”

Books like these fuel your motivation, helping you to artfully adjust to the expected, unexpected, or the just plain ridiculous.

Success is about having a strong belief in one’s self. Everyone has their own definition of success. Inclusive in any definition, however, is how you handle, manage, and facilitate change.

So whatever your goals, dreams, or ambitions, keep in mind that your motivation will occasionally engage the concept of change on your journey towards success. So be flexible. Be resilient. Be inquisitive.

And, most of all, keep moving forward!