Budget Talk Makes You Weary?


Sample Monthly Budget

Budgets, ugh!  Does budget talk often give you a headache? Causes you untold anxiety? Constantly monitoring the few pennies you may have can be, at times, downright depressing.

Piggy Bank Budget

Financial Life as a Student!

However, like everything else in this life, avoidance leads to missed opportunities. Financial awareness is a key factor in having a successful personal life and professional career.

Learning how to master the budgeting process now, while you’re a college student, does have definite, lifelong perks.

The act of budgeting holds you accountable in terms of how you spend your hard earned money, foolishly or wisely.   Believe it or not, your current habits are actually windows into your financial future.

Budgeting Help is on the Way!

For those of you who have yet to adopt a budget mindset, this quick and easy Student Budget.gov video will get you started.

There’s really no time like now to begin thinking about how best to secure your financial future by developing the right financial habits and mindset!