New A.P.A. College Research Writing Resources

College Success Tip – The American Psychological Association (APA) produces one of the key college research writing style manuals every undergraduate and graduate student needs to understand and know how to use appropriately…the A.P.A. Style Manual.

Generally speaking, writing research papers in high school doesn’t come close to the actual reality of doing it well in college.  There’s a formula for writing a quality college research paper.  Yes, there are specific rules you have to follow.  However, you’ll find the various college writing style guides incredibly helpful.

So if you’re writing a behavioral or social science research paper, then you’ll be using the APA style guide format.  If you’re writing an arts or humanities research paper, then your style of choice will most likely be the Modern Language Association of America style guide (MLA).  Just verify with your professor his or her style preference.

Always make sure you check-in with your campus’ writing center for additional assistance.  Writing centers are terrific resources for students who have writing challenges and/or are new to the world of academic writing.

As a matter of fact, do yourself a big favor and check-in with the writing center long before your paper is due.  Having a second pair of eyes review your work is a terrific asset to have when trying to produce that “A” research paper.

If your specific campus does not have a writing center, then stop by student support services and ask where on campus can you get some writing assistance.  Most campuses do have tutors who have specific skill sets and that does include writing research papers.

Now, take a look at the short video below and learn about the A.P.A. resources available to you.  Other style guides will have similar offerings.

Also check out the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) as well, particularly if this is your first college experience!

For further information, always check in with your campus reference librarian or the APA Blog.

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