Great…Another Super Tuesday Election!

Great…Another Super Tuesday Election!

While listening to Republican and Democratic primary election returns and analyses this fine Tuesday, March 15th, I was struck by the continual bantering around of the words conservatism, liberal, democratic. Do most Americans actually know the difference?

You always hear about the Republican’s conservative agenda. And you have to wonder, what the hell is that given the current media and political circus streaming daily across our various information and communication tools.

“Make America great again”, “Make America whole”, “Feel the Bern”…platitudes platitudes platitudes.  Where’s the policy and, more importantly, the action/implementation plans?!


According to, a conservative philosophy tends to support

  • free enterprise capitalism,
  • continuation of traditions,
  • minimal government intervention in economy,
  • strict law and order enforcement, and
  • gradual change as opposed to radical reform.

Well, that’s all well and good. But Americans are not hearing anything remotely addressing those concerns except perhaps maybe from the John Kasich campaign.

Do Labels Really Make a Difference?

Conservatism does have its good points.  But how do you apply those principles in a rapidly changing digital universe. Interacting in a diverse world economy provides enormous challenges to our free enterprise capitalist system.

Yet, we have a Republican Congress currently shirking their traditional, constitutional duties. Government intervention prevented this nation’s near economic collapse in 2008.

Strict law and order enforcement is being exposed by the presence of digital cameras, documenting unequal application of justice on all levels.

The advent of the Information Age definitely refutes the notion of gradual change.

Furthermore, we are in a unique time in our history, scary and extremely unsettling for many of us across this nation. Americans are usually plain speaking people.

Our politicians should move away from the senseless, nonsensical rhetoric characteristic of campaigns. They need to provide us with direct roadmaps out of this quagmire we call the 2016 presidential election cycle.

The traditional political party labels have truly lost meaning this election cycle given the rise of Trumpism.  Whether this is a temporary anomaly or a total societal shift remains to be seen.