New Student Orientation 2018

The thought of attending a new student orientation at the college of your choice often creates feelings of excitement and anticipation.  

It can, however, also create moments of anxiety.

New student orientation is your pathway into a new, often challenging environment that will have a tremendous impact on your life for the next 4-6 years.

Transitioning successfully into collegiate life really depends on how well you Back to schoollearn and adhere to the rules of the “academic game”.

Most of which are listed in your campus’ Student Handbook. Make it a point not to overlook this critical information resource.  It’s online!

Your student handbook literally gives you the inside scoop on how to map out a successful collegiate academic experience.

So while you’re enjoying all of the fun festivities of new student orientation, keep the following in mind:

  1. If you want to get ahead of the academic game, then review the Student Handbook before going to orientation.

  2. Highlight what you don’t understand.

  3. Then make it a point to ask your academic adviser or student support personnel for clarification.

  4. Most student support staff participate in orientation…so take the first step in making a lifelong connection by introducing yourself first!

  5. Remember…to know is to have choice…if you don’t ask the question(s), then you’ll never know what options, choices, or opportunities are available to you.

  6. And, there is NO such thing as a DUMB QUESTION..if you honestly don’t know, then you need to find out!

Also, connect directly with your campus student support advisers.

They will always help you navigate your institution’s often tricky channels of college and career success.


Also, here are two more pearls of wisdom:

:Connect with your campus reference librarian regularly…they are one of the the best allies you can have on campus.  They know where all the academic bones (resources) are buried, more so than faculty!

:If you want to write good research papers, then make it a point to visit the Campus Writing Center long before the research paper is due.

Two campus assets you really cannot afford to overlook!

In the final analysis, new student orientation can be a daunting “information overload” experience, period!

So be ready…take notes, ask questions, but also have fun!!

Make New Friends

And remember, 

By regularly connecting with your academic advisers and campus reference librarian, you’ll be able to better navigate and use the maze of information you’ll receive at New Student Orientation.

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