Student Financial Aid…Tis the Season

Applying for Student Financial Aid…


Student Financial AidThe student financial aid (FASFA) application process often creates a nightmarish experience for many American families.  

And its complexity is just mind-boggling, even for the most educated.

Even though the Federal Government works diligently to streamline it, most families face enormous challenges in completing the process. 

In reality, however, whenever you request any governmental financial assistance, be it local, state, or federal, the process itself is never simple.  

And why isn’t it, you may wonder?

Student Financial Aid

Be pro-active in seeking assistance. Ask questions!

Federal Student Financial Aid

First and foremost, the challenge for the Federal Government is to create an equitable standard of measure of financial need for 20+ million college students.

Yet, just think about that for a moment.  

That means developing an “equitable” student aid distribution system that analyzes 20+  million individual, family income circumstances.  Yikes!

As a result, the effectiveness of the government’s current student financial aid assessment framework relies heavily on consumer information literacy participation.  

In other words, you must become a more informed, pro-active consumer in order to get your share of the student financial aid pie.

Seeking Student Financial Aid Info

So, if you’re planning to go to college or seek additional training after high school, then you need to attend a student financial aid information session.  

That goes for adult learners, too!

In addition, many local area high schools, banks, colleges, and universities as well as non-profit agencies offer financial aid information sessions.

Go to your local public library and find out who is sponsoring student financial aid information sessions in your area.  

Also, if you have a college or university nearby, then call their admissions/financial aid offices about their public information sessions.

Most of all, in order to get your fair share of the student financial aid pie, become more pro-active, ask questions.  

Seek out the necessary financial aid information you’ll need to ultimately achieve your college and career goals.

Finally, this is the bottom line.  If you’re planning to go to college, then really do your homework.  Check out your social media resources.  #financialaid   @ReachHigher  

Remember this old Chinese proverb…“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

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