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Simply put, information literacy is all about learning how to work smarter, whether in an academic or workplace setting!

About MélangeInfo

Our motivational and inspirational focus is helping learners achieve college and career success. Expanding their worldviews and skill sets is the essence of what we love to do. And we do so by providing an umbrella of eclectic learning opportunities designed to meet diverse interests and needs.

Our Belief…

Work smarter, not harder…

Mélange College Success Life


We really enjoy helping all types of students achieve their college and career goals by sharing ideas, assessing options, revealing “hidden” opportunities, and highlighting free resources.

Melangeinfo Designs

We focus on helping you setup your social media, everything from instagram avatars to facebook banners to social media management tools. We’ll get you started on the right track by helping you build a top tier social media presence.

Life Time Vibes

Hi, my name is Scott and I love food. Food makes me feel good and I learned at an early age, that if I want to get that feeling I need to learn how to cook for myself.

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