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Mélange Information Services, Inc. provides educational services (classes, workshops, and seminars) in the following areas of expertise: information literacy, health literacy, knowledge management and workforce development. 

Our motivational and inspirational focus is college and career success. Assisting learners to expand their worldviews and skill sets is the essence of what we love to do!

About Us - Dr. Lana W. Jackman

Lana W. Jackman, Ph.D.

Founder & Executive Director Lana W. Jackman is a highly experienced higher education student services administrator.  Her experience includes serving as an associate dean of enrollment services, director of student financial aid, academic and career adviser and adjunct faculty. As a first-generation college graduate, Dr. Jackman knows a few “insider tips and strategies” to help learners pursue college and career success.  She is a firm believer that having access to educational opportunity is the fundamental right of every American. Helping all types of learners to successfully navigate our educational system is what we do best!

  • Information Literacy 100%
  • Academic Advising 100%
  • Career Advising 100%
Philip S. Jackman

Philip S. Jackman

Lead Developer & COO A second-generation college graduate, Phil majored in sociology at the University of Connecticut/Storrs. He has spent the last several years working in the banking industry in New York City. Before that, he developed an eclectic CRM background in digital marketing sales.

  • Graphic Design 90%
  • Information Literacy 85%
  • Web Design 75%

Mission PossibleOur Mission

Mélange College and Career Readiness Services assists learners in achieving educational and career success.

We provide individualized college and career educational services to college students, adult learners, and job seekers, recommending ways to maximize their choices, options, and opportunities while pursuing their individual educational and career goals. In addition, our blog, Daily Mélange, shares with learners insider tips and strategies on pathways to success within the world of higher education and the workplace. Not going to college right now?  We can also help you with designing specific strategies to achieve your particular career objectives. As a matter of fact, sign up for our College Success Lab App and join our Mélange College and Career Readiness Services Community to receive regular updates. Let us know how we can help you achieve your college and career goals…

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Winning College and Career Success Strategies!

Information Literacy

Information Literacy

Simply put, information literacy is all about learning how to work smarter, whether in an academic or workplace setting!

Learning Styles

Learning Styles

Knowing your learning style enhances your chances for greater success in college and in your future career.



Nurturing your networking relationships in school and in work is an essential, core component in achieving your college and career goals.

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